Tips For Completing an Authentic Home Restoration Project

When Eric made the decision to place a bid on the old mansion being auctioned he knew it was in need of a great renovation. He was not intimidated by the project and looked forward to restoring the once grand space. Upon finding out that his bid was accepted and after completing all the financial paperwork, the house was his to do with as he pleased. He immediately began formulating a game plan so he could get to work. He met with his electrician who was able to get the home up to code electrically in just a few days time. He decided to start with the electrical projects first.

He ordered a candlestick style chandelier light for the dining room and dual chandelier lights for the grand foyer. He ordered sconces for the parlor area and some table lamps for the study and the library spaces. As he looked at lamp options he tried to keep in mind the type of lamps, sconces, and pendants that originally graced the ceilings and rooms of the majestic home. In this area, as well as in the entire renovation, his goal was to return the mansion to its original glory. He wanted an authentic restoration, one that would show the house just the way it appeared when it was first constructed. Period restoration is not difficult but it can be very time consuming and it can be very expensive. There are a few things to keep in mind when attempting to complete an authentic home restoration.

The first thing to keep in mind when tackling a home restoration project is the era in which the home was built. Through the years styles can change drastically. Even though you personally might not enjoy a specific design feature from the era of the home you live in, consider maintaining authenticity whenever possible to create a true restorative look. Even such things as color hue and color combinations can be a tip off to the year a house was constructed. Do not be afraid to consult design books or history books to get a feel for the architecture and design elements from various eras.

The second thing to keep in mind is to pay attention to even the most miniscule details. The mark of a truly authentic restoration can be found in the smallest of details. Take for example cabinet knobs or pulls, which would be considered very small items. Vintage replications from all eras, from Victorian to Art Deco are available for kitchen and bathroom restoration projects. Even switch plates and covers have changed from era to era.

The third thing to keep in mind in a classic home restoration is functionality. While maintaining the integrity of the home is imperative, the ultimate goal is to create a timeless, yet usable space. Make necessary updates for the current century. Even restoration fanatics wish to see updated copper pipes, 120 volt electrical capacity, and energy efficient mechanicals and appliances. The combination of timeless features with the necessary modern updates makes for great value and resale potential.

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