Tips For Completing an Authentic Home Restoration Project

When Eric made the decision to place a bid on the old mansion being auctioned he knew it was in need of a great renovation. He was not intimidated by the project and looked forward to restoring the once grand space. Upon finding out that his bid was accepted and after completing all the financial paperwork, the house was his to do with as he pleased. He immediately began formulating a game plan so he could get to work. He met with his electrician who was able to get the home up to code electrically in just a few days time. He decided to start with the electrical projects first.

He ordered a candlestick style chandelier light for the dining room and dual chandelier lights for the grand foyer. He ordered sconces for the parlor area and some table lamps for the study and the library spaces. As he looked at lamp options he tried to keep in mind the type of lamps, sconces, and pendants that originally graced the ceilings and rooms of the majestic home. In this area, as well as in the entire renovation, his goal was to return the mansion to its original glory. He wanted an authentic restoration, one that would show the house just the way it appeared when it was first constructed. Period restoration is not difficult but it can be very time consuming and it can be very expensive. There are a few things to keep in mind when attempting to complete an authentic home restoration.

The first thing to keep in mind when tackling a home restoration project is the era in which the home was built. Through the years styles can change drastically. Even though you personally might not enjoy a specific design feature from the era of the home you live in, consider maintaining authenticity whenever possible to create a true restorative look. Even such things as color hue and color combinations can be a tip off to the year a house was constructed. Do not be afraid to consult design books or history books to get a feel for the architecture and design elements from various eras.

The second thing to keep in mind is to pay attention to even the most miniscule details. The mark of a truly authentic restoration can be found in the smallest of details. Take for example cabinet knobs or pulls, which would be considered very small items. Vintage replications from all eras, from Victorian to Art Deco are available for kitchen and bathroom restoration projects. Even switch plates and covers have changed from era to era.

The third thing to keep in mind in a classic home restoration is functionality. While maintaining the integrity of the home is imperative, the ultimate goal is to create a timeless, yet usable space. Make necessary updates for the current century. Even restoration fanatics wish to see updated copper pipes, 120 volt electrical capacity, and energy efficient mechanicals and appliances. The combination of timeless features with the necessary modern updates makes for great value and resale potential.

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Ideas To Get Rid Of Smells In Your Home

A homeowner who wishes to get rid of smells in their home may wonder what the best method is. There are a few tricks to use when trying to get a home to smell its best. Over time, garbage and personal items can begin to cause odors, when left in a unattended for too long. The best way to clean out your home, may involve some organization and a spray cleaner.

Everything should be removed from the area and sorted through properly. Garbage can be placed in the trash, old clothing or shoes can be put in a pile to get cleaned and random items can be sorted and put away. Once a home is cleaned of dirty laundry, it may begin to smell better.

Once any garbage and personal contents have been removed from the area, it is ready to get the place aired out. A homeowner can open all of the windows to allow a fresh breeze to filter through the home. The carpet and floors should be vacuumed to remove any dirt particles and dust.

Over time, shelves and furniture can become covered in dust and dirt. Dust can contribute to a musty smell, however it can be removed with a damp cloth. You can use a damp cloth or try a mild cleaner and a cloth.

When there is an unpleasant scent in the couch, there are certain cleaning agents that may help. Fabric cloth couches can have a gentle substance rubbed over the material. A mixture of vinegar and water can be sprayed on the cloth and wiped down. The vinegar will help to remove unwanted smells, while cleaning the fabric.

Air fresheners can provide a pleasant scent in the home. There are many different scents that can be picked up including fruit and tropical fragrances. Learning how to get rid of smells in a home can involve cleaning the area and placing air fresheners close by.

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Chicago Water Damage Can Be Prevented

When you live in a place like Chicago, the rains and other elements can be brutal on your home, and your business. water damage Chicago is a real problem, unless you are prepared for it.

If you prepare ahead of time, like making sure leaky roofs are attended to, you may stop some of the problems before they start. If your roof needs some repair, you should probably call a professional to do the job. The sooner the better, because the rainy season may be coming, and you don’t want your things to get damaged.

The same holds true for your business. If you are leasing a building, then you only need to let the landlord know if there are issues with the roof. Leaking can cause damage to your paperwork, supplies, and your office equipment. Your furniture, carpeting, and everything else that was purchased for your business could get ruined if the roof suddenly caves in.

Further, when water collects for a long period of time, it can cause mold. Mold grows and affects people in different ways. Some get very sick. And children and older people are especially vulnerable.

The damage that is possible when a roof leaks for a long time can be extremely costly. The wood itself that the roof is constructed with begins to rot. If it goes on like this for long periods of time, the roof could eventually collapse. Needless to say, this becomes more than just a patch job, or the replacement of several shingles. The cost can be in the thousands.

So, when you notice that you have a small leak in the ceiling, you should take precautions before it is too late. Chicago water damage is no joke. If your home gets flooded, hopefully your flood insurance will take care of it. But if you can prevent your roof from continually leaking, you should spend the money and do so.

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Finding A Good Nashville Water Damage Restoration Company

Water can really destroy any property and by this we are not only referring to floods. A burst pipe can damage your home severely, so ensure you know the number of a proper Water Damage Nashville Restoration business. But what makes a company a good one?

Firstly these companies pride themselves on the fact that they go that extra mile to find out what your situation really is all about before they even start the job by doing a proper investigation as well as inspection of your property.

Not all water damage is visible with the naked eye, so they use cameras that are sensitive to heat patterns to find wet areas where water could be hiding in your walls or other places you might never suspect it to.

In many cases repairs are done hastily leaving large deposits of water lodged inside structures. Ensure the company extracted every possible drop of water before repairs start, or the water will simply re appear over time.

Timing may also be vital to keep water damage to a minimum after an event, so find a company that will react to your emergency at any time of day or on any day of the week. No good leaving it until Monday.

Rush jobs often lead to spots being missed, so make sure your choice of company will do a proper and very thorough inspection of the whole property before they set out to work. Neglecting to do this may release a body of water that build up somewhere into un-contaminated areas.

You would be prone to try and save everything that may be damaged by water and floods, but experience told experts that some items have a bigger priority than others, so they will now what to remove fast and what could stay for later removal. Some items can never be salvaged and they will be able to tell you precisely which are which.

Instead of leaving you with the insurers to describe the extend and type of damages you suffered, experts will work hand in hand with insurance houses, giving them the exact and precise information they need to help you in times of need. Your claim will be settled much faster this way.

Prevention is way much better than cure, so make use of these companies to help you find problems before they even occur. You will be surprised to see where your water problems are simply waiting to surprise you when you least expect them to.

Like all other emergency numbers, keep the number of the water extraction company you chose close by should you ever need them in a hurry.

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Landlords: How To Avoid Water Damage

When you live on your own it can be difficult to take quick action when it comes to plumbing mishaps. If you have rented out your home, you might know everything that is going on under that roof. Even for significant damage you might not be notified. The renters may not always know what to do! Often just the smallest damage can be a hazard. Phoenix water damage can start out small but grow to a much bigger and expensive issue. If you are a landlord you best option is to educate your tenants on what to do where there is water damage issue.

If they have a water emergency it would be a great idea if they were to call our 24 emergency hotline. We can help eliminate the source of the problem and will be capable of reducing over all water damage.

Phoenix water damage is something that every tenant must be aware of. As a landlord your best contribution is to create a binder that will inform your tenant on all possible problem areas. If you tab each section they will be able to use it as a reference to help solve any problems they may face.

In the notebook you should include a list of maintenance that should be preformed regularly. This will help your tenants understand that they need to be making sure everything is up to date on their own. If you plan on reimbursing your renters you need to inform them of how much you are willing to reimburse them for specific issues they may take care of themselves.

Problems related to plumbing are the most common in Phoenix water damage.

Bursting pipes, overflowing toilets, bad laundry hoses, these are all problems your renters might have to face. To help save money when facing Phoenix water damage you should also make a list of actions your tenants can take if they find themselves in a messy situation!

Make sure you include the following in your packet for your renters.

1. Detail description and list of instructions showing the specification locations of all water shut-off valves and how to turn the water off.

2. Instructions on how to turn off the power in specific locations of the house and the importance of taking precautions when dealing with the possibility of electrocution.

3.A description on how to mop up any and all water messes. Make sure you provide the tools for your residents; this will help save you money at the end of the day if they are fully prepared. To prevent severe water damage.

4. A list of instructions on what steps they should take once the water has been turned off and the surrounding area is safe.

5.Lastly, list information on who to call to take care of the damages. NexGen Builders is a great source to include, They do it all, water damage, water remediation and mold damage.

If you’ve stumbled on to this blog as a renter dealing with a crisis related to water damage, call us immediately!

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Importance Of Miami Water Damage Restoration

Large number of possible losses is caused by inappropriate force or push of water. There are many types of destruction caused by water. Water damage can be in any form big or small but damage is a loss for the resident. Miami is also a city where water damages are tend to occur frequently. Water damage Miami restoration is such solution for water damage problem. The damages although cannot be stop, but it can be repaired.

In US till now the government has not provided any liberty but the IICRC and the RI gives guidelines and regulations to water damage restoration department. In US, the companies of water damage restoration uses the IICRC procedures. In a place like Miami, since the cases of water damage happens frequently, therefore there are many water damages restoration. Any restoration department will not be considered authorized if it not follows the guidelines of IICRC.

The restoration companies’ recovers the property according to the type of loss occurred out of the three type of water. The government of US have not revised or formed any rules or regulations but provided some IICRC rules. Right now, the water damage restoration companies use the IICRC procedural standards as it is the only upgraded version. The US government has not yet intervened in this matter but still the company who provides restoration services follows the guidelines of IICRC.

The restoration process requires a lot of investigation and observation. If you call the water damage restoration department for repairmen, then the concerned authority will first check the type of water damage. Then the cause of the damage will be searched. If the damage or loss will accepted by the guidelines of IICRC then further repair will be done and it be cured soon. They will make sure that the damage is fully repaired and will not occur again.

There are three kinds of water that causes loss. Category 1 is “clean water” that does not pose substantial threat to human. Category 2 is known as “grey water” which contains certain degree of chemical, biological and physical contaminants and causes discomfort or sickness when consumed. Category 3 is called “black water” which are grossly unsanitary. In black water, the water contains harmful bacteria and fungi which cause severe discomfort or sickness.

There are different removal methods and measures depending on the category of water. It’s a 24×7 service provided by the authorities. Some of the popular restoration services providers are King Steam Restoration, Super restoration and many more. They are easily accessible and reachable in a short time. Water damage is not considered a good sign as ignorance of such issue may lead to destruction later.

Miami being such a beautiful and wonderful place faces such kind of water damages which also affects the health and the property to a large extent. Some water damages are unavoidable but Miami must be thankful to the water damage restoration providers, which recovers the loss accordingly and helps the customers a lot. People of Miami can also search online for this help.

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Using Seattle Water Damage Restoration Companies Can Save Your Property

Known as the Evergreen State, Washington State has many rivers, lakes, ponds and on the coast of Washington quite a bit of rain causing flooding, or seepage into homes and properties. This means that many of those living in the are have to carry flood insurance due to the frequent flooding, after a flood, they can hire a water damage Seattle restoration company to save their home and property.

It’s true that weather reporting has become a more exacting science that can alert property owners and home owners of inclement weather that causes flooding in known areas. But, many can be surprised by sudden deluges of water that can seep into their home or flood their home, outbuildings and garages. While a small water problem is easily handles many find that it doesn’t happen in small amounts, and then, the homeowner or property owner are stuck trying to find a way to get the water out and repair the lasting damage that occurs with water on their property.

While water is a very serious problem, it’s also what comes in with the water that happens to be even a bigger issue. Flooding and seepage brings sand, silt and mud as well as the water, and then getting the dirt out can be a bigger issue than the water.

Along with mud and water, often comes garbage that can harbor disease or other types of health risks, and that not all. As the water recedes and leaves behind silt, garbage, and health risks it also leaves behind bacteria that often grows into mold. The mold will grow into the very fiber of the building causing the building to not only become unlivable down the road, but also destroying the building itself.

This is why you cannot just sweep the mud and garbage out of the building after seepage or flood. It will take a professional Seattle water damage restoration expert to not only help you get rid of the water and other leftovers but also, to help prevent mold spores from settling into the walls, floors, ceilings and furnishing of your home.

Many people have tried to clean up after a flood themselves and found that it costs more money in the long run. Most of the time, those who live in an area known for water problems will have insurance to help them get the home and outbuildings restored after flood damage. This means that those who’ve dealt with the problem before, probably already have a water restoration company in mind.

Those who have never dealt with flooding or water damage need to take the time to receive recommendations and thoroughly research a Seattle water damage restoration company before they spend any insurance money. It’s not just flooding but also basement seepage or broken pipes that can cause water problem and as mentioned, cleaning the water and associated debris is just the beginning of the the problem.

Make sure that you fully understand how water damage in your home doesn’t only cause a mess, but it can destroy the building through mildew and mold. Hire a water restoration company to do the job right the first time, there are plenty in the Seattle and surrounding areas.

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San Jose Water Damage And Mold

You cannot expect a water damage San Jose problem to fix itself. You have to take steps, which might mean calling a professional water damage company, to remedy any problem you might have in your home.

If you find leaks in your home, fix them, or have someone fix them for you if you are not qualified. The problem wit leaks is they can lead to the mold build up. It has been discovered that mold and lead to many health problems like asthma and bronchitis.

You need to check you insurance coverage if you discover mold in your home, to see if you are covered for the cost of the clean up. Most policies only cover mold clean up in limited instances. You might want to add this type of protection to your policy if you do not have it already. It might cost only a few dollars a year.

Some policies will automatically cover mold damage if the problem is caused by storm. If you have a storm in your area, take steps to limit the possible build up of mold. Dry out all the wet areas. You might then want to set up fans in the area to help the water evaporate. But you also might consider calling a professional water damage company to dry the area out completely.

If you have found mold growing in your home do not try to clean it up yourself. You can easily spread it while trying to clean. Instead call the professionals out and they will completely eliminate the mold from your home.

Water damage can take many forms. The key is to identify the problem as soon as possible and call the professionals to remedy the problem.

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Surviving Bad Houston Water Damage

For some people that live right on the coast, the thought of what can happen if the waves should overflow the beach is a big worry that is constantly on their minds. Even people that live far away from any lake or sea are hit by water damage because their area suffers from major thunderstorms and lots of rain fall. If you are concerned that you might be affected by water damage Houston, then try several preventative steps that can best protect your house from this major problem.

The first step that you can take to ensure the safety of your home is to check for cracks along the foundation. This is one way that a lot of water can get inside if it should start to storm, so you definitely want to make sure that these are completely sealed if you find any in your basement or lower levels.

Even if you think that your home is new and unlikely to have any of these, you should know that they can occur simply with the settling of the structure. Also, when the moisture in the walls freezes in the winter time and then heats up again, the expansion can cause cracks to form, so this should be checked annually.

Another good preventative step is to regularly check the gutters and clean them out from any debris that has piled up inside. Although this seems like a basic and simple step, it can really save you money if it prevents water from overflowing and causing harm to your roof and the sides of your house.

One step that is quite expensive, but a good idea for some people, is to install a French drain. If you know that your area is prone to lots of rainfall or flooding, this is the best way to prevent water from coming inside your basement and ruining anything that you have down there, so it can be worth the steep price to avoid this hassle later on.

Houston water damage is certainly not fun so be smart about it and make sure you take the steps beforehand so you do not have to deal with it afterward. While no one likes to think about it, it is often cheaper to pay for these things up front than to try and fix the mess after it has happened.

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Where To Find Wichita Water Damage Restoration

There are natural forces that we are not able to do much about as humans and that is the reason that insurance was created. This is something that is designed to put your mind at rest and the money that you pay can ensure that you do not have to bring out cash in case of an emergency. Despite having this sort of protection though, there is sometimes nothing that can prepare you for seeing the house damaged. Thankfully you can make use of water damage Wichita restoration specialists.

They are well versed in helping you get over the problems that nature brings upon you. Although one would perhaps be more concerned with things such as a tornado or cyclone, you should not discount the every day happenings that can actually do so much damage to your house.

Water is probably one of the main culprits to cause damage as well and it does this in several ways. Firstly is the fact that when there is a large rain storm with a lot of wind, one can often expect to find roof tiles blown loose and as a result there will be leaks in the roof. What then happens is that the water collects and it builds up pressure on the ceiling and will then come through into your house. The sight of seeing water running down the walls of your house can be awful.

A lot of water can also lead to rising damp and this of course does a whole lot of damage to paint and wood alike. It makes the paint peel off and bubble against the walls and for those that have wooden houses you can expect it to rot away thanks to the damp.

Not only is this unsightly but it means that you are going to have to spend quite a lot of money drying and then repainting the walls. If you have a wooden house you could have to check that the structure is still good because of the fact that water could cause it to rot.

Fixing water damage can be done but it is a complicated process and has to be done by people who really know what they are doing. If you are lucky enough to be able to do it yourself then that’s great but for most of us this will mean ensuring that we get the right professionals in. Don’t underestimate the value of speaking to your friends about a company that they might recommend, they are not likely to point you in the direction of a poor service provider.

So don’t fear about where to find Wichita Water Damage Restoration because you will soon see that there will be someone good to help you out.

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