Landlords: How To Avoid Water Damage

When you live on your own it can be difficult to take quick action when it comes to plumbing mishaps. If you have rented out your home, you might know everything that is going on under that roof. Even for significant damage you might not be notified. The renters may not always know what to do! Often just the smallest damage can be a hazard. Phoenix water damage can start out small but grow to a much bigger and expensive issue. If you are a landlord you best option is to educate your tenants on what to do where there is water damage issue.

If they have a water emergency it would be a great idea if they were to call our 24 emergency hotline. We can help eliminate the source of the problem and will be capable of reducing over all water damage.

Phoenix water damage is something that every tenant must be aware of. As a landlord your best contribution is to create a binder that will inform your tenant on all possible problem areas. If you tab each section they will be able to use it as a reference to help solve any problems they may face.

In the notebook you should include a list of maintenance that should be preformed regularly. This will help your tenants understand that they need to be making sure everything is up to date on their own. If you plan on reimbursing your renters you need to inform them of how much you are willing to reimburse them for specific issues they may take care of themselves.

Problems related to plumbing are the most common in Phoenix water damage.

Bursting pipes, overflowing toilets, bad laundry hoses, these are all problems your renters might have to face. To help save money when facing Phoenix water damage you should also make a list of actions your tenants can take if they find themselves in a messy situation!

Make sure you include the following in your packet for your renters.

1. Detail description and list of instructions showing the specification locations of all water shut-off valves and how to turn the water off.

2. Instructions on how to turn off the power in specific locations of the house and the importance of taking precautions when dealing with the possibility of electrocution.

3.A description on how to mop up any and all water messes. Make sure you provide the tools for your residents; this will help save you money at the end of the day if they are fully prepared. To prevent severe water damage.

4. A list of instructions on what steps they should take once the water has been turned off and the surrounding area is safe.

5.Lastly, list information on who to call to take care of the damages. NexGen Builders is a great source to include, They do it all, water damage, water remediation and mold damage.

If you’ve stumbled on to this blog as a renter dealing with a crisis related to water damage, call us immediately!

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  1. Thanks for providing this information.Its true that you should inform your tenant about the water damage,so that they can take all precaution to avoid any accident.

  2. First of all,make sure that you fix it before renting, if in any case you are not able to fix it then you should inform your tenants about the water damage.

  3. As per my personal experience Its better to fix this problem otherwise no one will be interested to live in your property.

  4. Its better to fix this problem at the starting point otherwise it will be converted into bigger and expensive issue.

  5. Great tips on preventing damage caused by water leakage. It is true that water leakage causes lot of damage to your property; the repairs might waste a lot of your money and time if necessary steps are not taken on time.

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